We Service Existing Properties

Existing Properties Services

  • ADA/Handicap Compliance
  • Asphalt Pavement Repairs
  • Design & Budgeting
  • Overlay & Patch Paving
  • Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Petromat Overlay Paving
  • Seal coat & Striping
  • Speed Bump Installation
  • Signage & Parking Bumper

What Makes Sierra Asphalt Different?

We ask the right questions up front to understand our clients’ needs and motivations. Before all proposals we invest significant time to understand what caused existing problems and determine the best solutions. Our experienced estimating staff will work with you to stay within your budget and present you with recommendations and options tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Once the right solution has been determined we have just the right experience, equipment, and a highly skilled workforce to get the job done right.

We routinely work at properties that remain open for use. Our clients are consistently pleased with our ability to strategically manage customer flows and allow their businesses to remain operational while simultaneously accomplishing our work goals professionally and on time. When we are on site you can count on a safe, efficiently run site, with competent supervision present to handle any unforeseen complications. When we are done you can count on a clean site and quality work that will last.